Health Search Associates is a physician, executive and mid-level provider recruiting and placement firm. We are committed to providing superior, personalized service in order to provide you with access to the highest quality specialized talent.

At no initial expense to our clients, we aggressively work to recruit and attract the best talent. We can search, locate and secure the right physician, executive and mid-level provider for your organization.

Health Search Associates can help develop personal and practice goals, assist in income negotiation and mediation and any other key assistance as needed. Our system of matching skills, career objectives and priorities with the position reflects your goal of optimum engagement and obtaining a long-term solution.

We spend a lot of time with every candidate, creating detailed candidate profiles through our recruiting and sourcing process. It allows for the best possible fit for your opening, taking into account:

Professional/personal goals
Income requirements
Personal interests
Target practice opportunity
Practice profiling

Our knowledge of the healthcare recruitment space dictates a systematic approach toward every search. Before we conduct a search we ensure its' successful completion by conducting a thorough interview of hiring managers and decision makers to develop a position prospectus, obtaining the information that will be needed to attract the right candidate:

Community information:

Cultural and recreation opportunities

Practice description:

Call schedule
Reason for opening or need
Compensation terms
Necessary credentials
Procedures performed
Patient volumes
Service area and population

Health Search Associates speaks with numerous candidates to refine your selection process, matching your needs with those of the candidate. We believe the interview we bring you should be an affirmation of facts, not a discovery process. This is only possible with the hard work and due diligence of our team of recruiters.

Health Search Associates thoroughly screens every candidate before we present them to you. It is a critical step toward gaining an accurate representation of education, experience and skills. Everything we learn is considered against what we learn in our fact finding phone interview process.

We work closely with every Nurse Practitioner candidate through the initial stages of placement to ensure complete engagement. We find small issues can be evened out before they become big ones, but only when they are unearthed. Instead of burying our heads in the sand and hoping for the best, we dig into every issue to solve it.