Acupuncture Physiatrics

Acupuncture physiatrics is a modern multi-disciplinary approach to healing by:

Blending traditional acupuncture with musculoskeletal approaches to alleviate acute and chronic pain patterns.
Effectively treating problems relating to past injuries or accidents.
Incorporating various acupuncture styles from Japan, China and Europe.
Utilizing principles from other modalities such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, and myofascial release of soft tissue.
Using trigger point therapy, palpation and needling to help identify and release holding patterns in the body's tissues.

Acupuncture physiatrics is a great method of treatment to try when you have not had lasting results with other types of treatments, or if you have recurring holding patterns in your body. It is a deeper way of addressing physical and emotional compensation patterns in the muscles, tissues and organs. This may include painful syndromes, tight muscles, misalignments of the spine that keep returning, chronic healthcare disorders, or past injury patterns. Simply a few treatments may bring you beyond the rigid muscular constrictions or negative postural patterns that you may have been living with for many years.

This method is often referred to as an orthopaedic approach to healing that incorporates the best from both eastern and western medicine. Anatomical and musculoskeletal assessment strategies are used to identify restrictive patterns and blockages and to determine where treatment is needed. Some physical therapy tools include analysis of posture, range of motion (ROM), trigger point therapy, Hara diagnosis, and meridian assessment. Needles inserted on different levels are used in the treatments to release patterns. Emotions are not overlooked when identifying tension patterns and the levels at which they may be affecting the muscles and body organs as a whole.

This treatment is aimed at creating a balance within the musculoskeletal and energetic meridian lines. Acupuncture physiatrics can promote healing and maintain wellness on both the physical and emotional levels.